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"But it's late. And it's a three hour drive to Death City. I can have s'mores next year." 
Kid crossed his arms. "No."
"It's a nice gesture. But honestly we have to get going."
"Get your ass down here."
"But Kid...."
"I'll drive all night if I have to. You are getting that cook out if it kills me." He extended his hand. "Come on, don't make me have them all by myself."
Crona looked over his shoulder towards the suitcases by the front door then back to Kid. The others had already left, and he did feel bad about not spending time with Kid.  Besides, a few more hours wouldn't kill them. He sighed. "Coming."

The pair sat and watched as the sun disappeared behind the water, and the sky turned a beautiful shade of deep purple. Kid built a small fire that began to cast dancing shadows across the sand. The s'mores were eaten, and Crona was hoping they would be going back to the city, leaving this 'vacation' and the guilt he felt behind them. But Kid had other ideas.
Sitting on a blanket a few feet from Kid, who was poking at the fire, Crona sighed. 
"Something wrong?"
"No." He turned and looked back at the house. "Why aren't we leaving? Why are we sill here? You have to work in the morning."
"I said I will drive all night if I have to." He sat next to Crona. "Is it so wrong that I wanted you to have the s'mores you looked forward to?"
"But we had them! We can leave now."
"Why are you so determined to get back to the city?"
"I'm not."
"Didn't you have fun? I'd think you want to stay." 
Crona did reply, just looked down at his hands. He turned so that his back was against Kid's chest, grabbed Kid's arms and wrapped them around him. 
"I've know you long enough to know when you're upset." Kid pulled Crona close. "And when your trying to avoid me."
"I wasn't trying to avoid you." Crona sighed. "I succeeded in avoiding you."
Kid chuckled. "Yes you did. But I don't know why...." Crona began to speak but Kid interrupted. "Liz tried to explain but I didn't want to hear it. Honestly I don't care why you felt you needed to avoid it, the reason doesn't matter. What matters is I made you feel that you needed to be away from me. And for that I'm sorry." He turned Crona around. "Now, let me make you feel like you never want to be apart from me."
Summer Lovin' (Chap 6)
Reason it's so short is because I want the smut to be it's own that means the smut is coming up!!!

Next: Soon!
    Poor Kid's intuition was right. He spent the remainder of the day driving around all of Muerte island trying in vain to find a liquor store. Several general stores, even a little shop that sold shells. But no beer was to be found. That left only one option....head back to the city. Kid protested, even got out of the car and refused to drive another mile. This did nothing but make Patty furious, and we all know that she has ways of making Kid do what she wants.

    Back at the beach house the girls came home around sunset. On the kitchen table was a hastily written letter from Kid explaining that he was coerced into chauffeuring the remaining house guests around and please don't worry. Crona sighed, placing the letter in the trash. "Looks like it's just us girls tonight." 
    Crona made a light dinner and the four friends sat on the patio listening to the waves and chitchatting. Now that he thinks about it, it's been a long time since he relaxed like this and just enjoyed the company of his friends. Ever since he moved in with Kid it's been work, work, work. I guess this is what 'vacation' means he thought with a smile. Yet still in his heart he wished he had his beloved here with him, enjoying this moment.
    "You ok Crona?" Maka asked, nudging her friend in the side.
    "Mhmm. I'm fine."
    "Don't let him lie to you." Ragnarok popped out of Crona's back and rested his arms on his meisters head. "The dweeb's been moping since we got here!"
    "R-ragnarok! Go away!" Crona swatted at him. "They don't need to know about that!"
    "You wanna talk about it. So just do it already! All this emo-ness is giving me a headache."
    "Just thinking about it makes my head hurt, I can't deal with talking about it."
    Tsubaki placed a hand on Crona's arm. "Isn't that what having friends is all about? We listen, and help." She smiled, and the other two girls nodded in agreement. "You can talk to us about anything, Crona."

    At just after one in the morning Kid finally pulled back into the driveway. The lights were off within the house, which didn't surprise him, but he still hoped that somehow Crona would still be awake.  After the rest of the group made their way inside the house, he cleaned out the car and followed suit. Standing near the door stood a tall figure.
    "Not now, Liz. I'm exhausted, need a shower and something to eat."
    "Trust me, you want to hear me out." She followed him inside.

    The rest of the week was more of the same. Crona struggling between having fun with his friends and spending time with his lover, and Kid, ever the gentleman, trying his best to let Crona do as he pleased and ignoring his own desire to be with the demon sword. Before the group knew it Sunday was upon them and life would begin again the following day.
    The mood in the beach house was a mixture of melancholy and hungover. Reluctantly the group packed, cleaned and just sort of trudged about the day. 
    While cleaning out the cabinets in the kitchen Kid came across the marshmallows from their first day, and decided to end their week with a bang! A cookout on the beach complete with a great big bonfire!! He didn't tell anyone his plans, and just went about his preparations in secret. The group being in a fog as they were didn't notice him until nearly sunset, when they ran out of tasks and noticed that Kid wasn't barking orders as he usually did when it came to cleaning.
    Once done with the upstairs bathroom Crona wandered about looking for Kid. No one had seen him for a while and Crona was begining to worry. The car was still in the driveway, and the bags were near the door. So he hadn't left. But where could he be? 
    Making his way outside Crona took note of how late it had gotten. They would need to leave soon if they wanted to be home at a decent hour. "Kid?" He called, standing on the deck that overlooked the beach. "Kid?!"
    "Over here, love!" Kid replied, waving from down by the water. 
    "What are you doing? We have to get going."
    "Nope! Not until you get that s'more you wanted!" As Kid spoke he lit the bonefire and smiled. 
    The following morning Kid was happy to wake to a quiet house. Crona lay in his arms, and the smell of the salt water filled their room. It seemed as though he had found heaven on earth. Taking advantage of the beautiful morning he grabbed a book and headed to the beach to read in the warmth of the morning sun. "Nothing beats a little solitude" he said to himself, laying back on his beach towel.
    Not long after the shinigami left the house did his lover awaken as well. It was the usual routine for the pair; Crona could seemingly sense that Kid was gone and usually woke up. The stillness of the house felt weird the the demon sword. He wandered for a few minutes checking the various rooms just to assure himself that he wasn't alone. Once in the kitchen he started some coffee and sat wondering what he should do now. If he were back in Death City he'd just get ready for the day; dress and head to work. But he's on 'vacation'. What does one do on vacation? And more importantly he's a host. What do hosts do?
    Maka was the first to come downstairs, hair a mess and night gown falling off her shoulder. "Mornin'" she mumbled with a yawn. 
    "Morning." Crona returned. "Sleep well?" 
    "No. Soul snores when he's drunk."
    "Oh...I didn't know they were drinking."
    "Yea, guess they were. He said they found Kid's stash of 'Death Lite' in the closet and went to town on it." Maka stretched. "Didn't really think Kid was the type."
    "Only when he needs to unwind." Crona smiled. "It's not as often as you'd think."
    A few more minutes of chit chat and they were joined by Tsubaki and Liz. The four friends laughed and chatted, munching on a light breakfast that Crona managed to whip up. The boys (as well as Patty) remained unseen, so the 'girls' (which included Crona) decided it best to plan they day without them. A trip to the city for some shopping, a lunch at 'la Décès Bistro', followed by a mani pedi. 
    Dressed in his finest beach-shopping attire (which wasn't much more than a pair of shorts and a tank top he stole from Kid) Crona waited near the car for his friends. In his heart he felt he should stay here, keep his shinigami company. But he so wanted to do all those things with the girls. He felt so conflicted. Speaking to Kid didn't help; he just said to have fun and put on sunblock so as not to get a sunburn. That feeling of being in the way crept in again, and he didn't want to be a burden to the one he loved.
    It wasn't until well after noon that the remaining house guests woke. And they woke with a thunder! Even outside Kid could hear the ruckess they were making. Plates clanging, tv blaring. Oh his serenity was broken into tiny pieces. 
    "Can't you guys go ten minutes without breaking something?!" He screamed, ripping open the glass door and walking into the kitchen. "Honestly, you'd think a group of hyena's lived here."
    "Are hyena's loud?" Soul asked, a sandwich in hand.
    "That's besides that point."
    "Well they laugh a lot." BlackStar added, his head stuck in the fridge. "Got anymore beer Kid?"
    "It's only 2:30!" Kid paused. "If you finished off what was in the closet, than no."
    "You know what that means, don't cha?" Soul only received a raised eyebrow from the shinigami. "BEER RUN!" He screamed, BlackStar in accompaniment.
    "Can't. The girls and Crona took my car into town."
    "Pfft, how do you think we got here? Walked!" Patty scoffed. "They can take sissy's car."
    "Where there's a will there's a way!" BlackStar boasted. "Come'on Kid. You're driving."
    Kid rubbed his temples as they four made their way to the driveway. "This isn't going to end well."
    The pair of friends took longer to return to then they expected. The sun had nearly set by the time they walked back into the vacation home. Sitting in the living room where Soul and BlackStar, shouting loudly at a football game that played on a large screen; a half eaten pizza sat in front of them.
    "You guys ordered pizza?! We were getting stuff to cook." Maka sighed, placing the bags in the kitchen.
    "BlackStar was starving, so Kid thought it best to just have something delivered." Tsubaki replied in a sweet tone.
    "Can't keep a big star waiting!" The aforementioned meister boasted, followed quickly by a string of curses at the referee of the game.
    With a light chuckle Crona proceeded to put away the groceries, stating that they had a whole week and surely they would have time for a cook out. He enjoyed having a house full of friends and laughter. It was a welcome change from the loneliness that once filled his life. The 'gang' was his new family. The old one was just a faint memory at this point. 
    "What 'cha thinking about?" Liz asked, leaning against the bar that separated the kitchen from the living room. The response from the demon sword was a simple raised eyebrow. "It must be a pretty good thought. Considering I can see every tooth in that smile of yours."
    "O-oh." He studdered, placing the last of the things in the cabinet. "J-just thinking about....the beach. And how nice the water looked today."
    "Don't lie to the girl!" Ragnarok popped out of Crona's shoulder. "You were comparing your old life to this new, crummy one."
    "N-no I wasn't. Go away Ragnarok!"
    "Yes you were. You were all 'Oh I loooove having friends. They make my life sooooo great.' Blah blah blah."
    "Shut up!"
    "Sheesh. To gushy for my taste." The weapon crossed his arms. "Old life was better. I used to be cool! Now I'm just a....a....plushie!" He sobbed before returning to his dormant state.
    "So-sorry about that." Crona chuckled nervously.
    "No problem. We like having you here." Liz assured with a smile. "A nice addition to our group of misfits." A roar of laughter filled the lowest level of the house as if to accompany the statement. "Kid went upstairs a few minutes before you came home. Patty was with him. You might want to go check on them."

    Kid? Alone with Patty? Well it wasn't that unusual. Before Crona started living in the manor she used to have room there. She still does, but never uses it. Liz and Patty got an apartment together in the city to 'give the lovebirds space'. But since then the meister and his weapon haven't spent much time together alone. 
    Crona swallowed hard as he came to the last stair before the third floor landing. They're just talking...or....something he thought to himself. Just because Patty is a girl, that's no reason to be so nervous. Kid would never..... Laughter drifted from the closed door in front of him, followed by the faint sounds of Patty talking. It was hard to make out, but Crona was sure he heard the weapon say his beloved's name. 
    "Pipe down Patty. Someone will hear you." No mistaking...that was Kid talking.
    Another hard swallow and Crona opened the door. Slowly at first, then suddenly once his eyes took in the scene. "Having fun you two?" He asked, leaning against the door.
    "Shhh. You might wake her!" Kid replied in a hushed tone. "It took me nearly an hour to get her to sleep."
    Crona giggled as he made his way to his shinigami's side. "I have to say, this isn't what I expected to see in my bedroom. My lover with a girl in his lap."
    "She's probably drooling on my leg." Kid cringed. "She's a drooler." Crona gigled again. "How was the shopping?"
    "Fun. It's been so long since Maka and I spent time together. It was refreshing."
    "No...that's my giraffe!" Patty murmured as she rolled onto her side.
    "You two should schedule a day to go into the city. Go to the spa or something."
    Kid was always thinking of Crona, of ways to make him happy even when they were apart. It simultaneously filled Crona's heart and broke it, knowing that Kid was fine with their separation. "I'll ask her." He replied a little down heartened. 
    "Give that back!" Patty punched Kid in the stomach. "My cupcake!"
    A slight knock on the door drew the pair's attention (well the attention Kid wasn't giving to his swelling midsection). Liz came to take Patty to her room, something Kid welcomed. Before leaving with her sister Liz asked if they would be coming downstairs any time soon to which Kid replied a quick no, he was much to tired to entertain 'those two idiots' any longer.
    Once alone for the first time since they arrived Kid laid his head on Crona's lap. "This isn't what I had in mind when I asked you to go away with me."
    "I don't mind. Honestly." The demonsword rain his fingers through Kid's raven locks. "I enjoy having our friends with us."
    "But I wanted to have a nice, relaxing vacation with just you and I. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry from Death City."
    Crona didn't quite know what Kid was getting at; Tom and Harry were still in Death City, and he didn't know who Dick was. "Well they are here now. So we have to make the best of it."
    "You are far more patient and understanding than I am." He smiled up at his lover, touching the others cheek gently. "Even in this light you're eyes are simply beautiful."
    "It's to dark, you can't see them."
    "Yes I can. They are robin's egg blue and in the moonlight they shine like sapphires."
    "Shameless flatterer."
    "Is it working?" Kid winked.
    "Of course." Crona bent over and gave his lover a quick kiss before standing (knocking Kid over in the process) and heading to the closet to find something to wear to bed. Kid had already unpacked and hung all their clothes with care. One thing the shinigami could always be counted on to do was keep things neat and orderly. Deciding on an over-sized shirt, the demonsword redressed quickly and returned to bed. Kid was still there, now laying on his stomach and breathing as though he were already asleep. "You work to hard sometimes." Crona whispered, climbing onto Kid's back and resting his head on the others. "Take it easy, will ya?" Kid wiggled a bit, causing Crona to laugh. "I thought you were sleeping."
    "I am." Kid replied with a snore.
    "So I'm talking to myself?"
    "Meany." Crona kissed the back of Kid's neck before moving to lay beside him. "Shinigami should act like gentlemen, not like meanies."
    "I'm sorry, love." Kid wrapped his arms around his lover and nuzzled into the nape of his neck. "A gentleman I shall be." He nuzzled a second time before kissing him lovingly. 
    "Well....not to gentle."
    "I see." A quick nip punctuated the short sentence. Another kiss, followed by another and then another. Soft moans were elicited from the pink haired boy. "Am I being to gentlemanly still?"
    Kid's hands wandered underneath Crona's shirt, first dancing over his upper thighs before resting on the boy's lower abs. Kisses were trailed down his lovers neck, over his shoulder then finally to his lips. More moans filled the room, albeit soft ones as Crona didn't want their friends to hear them. Rolling onto his back Crona reached up and placed a hand on the back of Kid's head, pulling him into a deep kiss.
    Shirt hiked up to nearly the demonsword's chest Kid continued to dance his fingers on the boys abs, tracing each contour and marveling in the softness that always enticed him. Three years together and it always elicited the same response.
    Moving from his lovers lips Kid traveled down the boys neck again, getting on top of him after coaxing his legs apart. Fitting between them with ease the shinigami, now on the other side of the pile of shirt that lined Crona's neck, teased each of Crona's nipples with his tongue.
    "K-kid." Crona breathed deeply. "Mm...nnnn." Another tease and the demonsword cried out.
    "Shh my love. Don't want to draw to much attention." But he repeated the action, smiling to himself. The others were downstairs, there was no way they could hear what was going on. Or at least that's what Kid believed. Traveling farther and farther down Kid kissed a trail to Crona's boxers, moaning the entire way. Stopping only for a moment to run a finger down Crona's member, Kid smiled as he saw the look of anticipation on his lovers face. Returning to kiss the lips of his beloved he took Crona into his hand and pumped him gently. 
    "Mmmnnnn" Crona responded to the actions he was receiving. It had been so long since they spent a night together he had forgotten just how nimble Kid's fingers were or how they memorized all the curves of his body. "Kid" he breathed into the shinigami's ear before nibbling on the lobe. The room was spinning and he was lost in a cloud of lust, and it sounded like his heart was pounding in his ears. But wait...that wasn't his heart....was that...?
    "Hold on a sec." Kid stopped abruptly, listening for what he thought sounded like a bang on their door. A minute later and it seemed like whatever caused the sound had passed. "Thought I heard something." And with that Kid went back to the demonswords neck.
    "What's up bitches!" Soul screamed, busting the door wide open. "Whoa....get it Kid!"
    "SOUL!" Crona screamed in return, pushing Kid off of him and pulling the blankets up and over his head. "GET OUT!"


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Melissa Samuelsen
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
My name is Melissa. I'm a writer and will on occasion do an edit/draw. My art sucks, but my writing is better.

I'm always willing to take ideas for new fics, so if you have anything you'd like to see me do just drop me a message. Or if you'd prefer we could always do a trade, you make the pic I write the story. Like me on Facebook for up to date info on my fics and some works I won't post on here.

If I'm not poking around Da you can find my on timblr (thesymmetricalalchemist.tumblr…).

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy my work. :XD:
I got three great prompts (well two and a nudge to do an idea I've had for a while).

Prompt #1. "Can I get a happy ending to TitLoD? Pwease!" I've wanted to do this since I posted Trouble in the Land of Death, but never got around to it. Since you asked you shall receive.

Prompt #2: "y not do that spn au idea?" This was from a close friend. I had the idea back in February but hate Supernatural AU. But if she wants it she'll get it.

Prompt #3 "Can I please have some...Death the Kid and Crona smut~? On the beach maybe": Never done a beach fic before, but I got a bunch of ideas bouncing around now. Ironing out some details but looking forward to tackling this one.

Going to start with the revamp of Land of Death then going to start the beach fic, then the highschool AU (it's going to be loooong)....once I get my computer back which should be tomorrow.

So...yea that's whats coming up.

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