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    For as long as people could remember the kingdoms have been divided. Silver, Blue, Red, Green and Colorless. Tensions ran deep, the lines between them etched in stone. Only a handful of times did the various kings agree, coming together to face a common threat. And once their like minded mission was complete, they went their separate ways again.  
    As the kingdoms clashed, friction building towards a breaking point, it appeared as if all out war was inevitable. The only question was who would strike the first blow. None of the kings wanted to be remembered as the man that brought destruction to the lands, however they also couldn’t back down if faced with confrontation. A stalemate was reached, and with it an unsteady and easily broken sense of peace.
    One leader looked at the growing turmoil from a different perspective. A soft spoken man, choosing the path of peace came naturally to him, and with the threat of such a conflict on the horizon he could no longer sit by and observe.  Forming alliances was never easy, but in order to keep the land from erupting into war it would need to be done. Ichigen Miwa, the Colorless King, took it upon himself to bring the kingdoms together, and his first stop was the Kingdom of Silver.
    “Forgive me, my lord.” A young knight who accompanied the royal started, eyes trained on the dirt road before him. “But are you sure this is wise? Wouldn’t Lord Weismann not simply turn us away, believing us to be a threat?”
    “We come unarmed, just a man and his vassal to extend an olive branch. A wise man will see it for what it is.”
    “And you know him to be a wise man?”
    “I know him to be a man of reason.” The king replied, giving his underling a little nod. “You worry too much, Kuroh, and that will not aid the outcome. This will work, or it won’t. Your feelings on the matter will not affect that.”
    “You put too much faith in the decisions of others.”
    “And you too little.” With a half smile the royal chuckled. “Come, we have no time to waste. The sooner we speak to the Silver King, the better.”
    “Yes, my lord.”

    The Kingdom of Silver was afflicted with not only external turmoil, but internal as well. The heir to the throne, the king’s young son, was headstrong and rebellious.  And it seemed the young man’s favorite pastime was causing his father no end of grief. Sneaking out of the castle at all hours to venture into the city, pulling pranks on the guards, interrupting his father’s meetings with the sole purpose of embarrassing him in front of dignitaries. Yashiro was a handful, and to a man who was trying to keep the land from erupting into chaos it was a distraction he did not want, or need.
    Sitting in his tall throne, head of silver tresses hung froward, the middle aged liege listened as a shopkeeper went over the long list of things the prince vandalized that morning, rubbing his temples in a vain attempt to keep his brewing headache at bay. He nodded along, sapphire hues drifting over to a servant who was luckily taking notes. This was a common occurrence, the king listening as his subjects counted off the ways he failed as a father and later dipping into the coffers to make amends. However it appeared as if this time the dipping would be deeper. Just how much can one boy destroy?
    With his business done, the elderly man left the royal chambers, giving his king a polite bow along the way.  “The troubles of a kingdom can weigh heavily on a king’s shoulders.” A soft voice called, it’s owner replacing the merchant in the center of the large room.  “Family matters even more so.”  Giving the silver a polite bow, long brunette locks slipping from one shoulder, the Colorless King motioned for his retainer to join him. “Forgive our tardiness, your lordship. The trip took longer than expected.”
    “Such things can’t be avoided.” Replied Lord Weismann, lifting his head to greet the other king properly.  “I’m happy to see you made it here unharmed. I assume this is the famed ‘Black Dog’.”
    “Kuroh Yatogami.” The knight bowed deeply, one hand resting on the hilt of his sword.  “It is a pleasure to meet you, your grace.”
    “Such manners. You train your men well, Lord Miwa.”
    “I find such things to be important.” Colorless replied with a chuckle, walking the short distance to the other liege's throne. “And under normal circumstances punctuality as well.” Giving a short pause, and a sideways glance to his vassal, he continued. “Shall we discuss matters in private?”
    Remaining behind while his master saw to business was something Kuroh had grown used to. Even though he was a trusted knight, and personal guard to the king, there were some things that needed to be kept from him. The samurai knew this, and more importantly he understood. So he stood watch in the Silver king’s chambers, leaning with his back against one brick wall until both royals returned. Just as he was allowing himself to relax, assuming that if this were a trap it would have already been sprung, a loud voice echoed through the still room and pulled at his attention.
    “And another thing, Father!” Called the unfamiliar voice, footsteps making their way toward the empty throne and the Colorless sentinel beside it.  “I’m a grown man, and can do as I please. Answering to you is just a formality.”
    Cobalt hues flying open, the screeching voice putting the knight on alert, one hand quickly took hold of the noir hilt of his sword.  A reflex more than anything else, and not a reflection on the prince slowly coming towards him. “My apologies, young prince. But the king is elsewhere.” He called, letting his stance soften slightly. “In a meeting with my master. They should return soon, my lord.”
    ‘So formal’ The royal thought to himself, crossing his arms over his chest.  “You must be from the Colorless kingdom. Father has spoken of nothing else for days now….”
    “Yes. Kuroh Yatogami, vassal and guard to the Seventh and Colorless King.” Head of raven tresses bowed as he spoke, bound locks slipping from one shoulder to hang beside his face.  “And I assume you are Prince Yashiro. A pleasure to meet you, my lord.”
    “Just Shiro is fine.” Sighed the prince, collapsing into his father’s throne.  “Do you know what they’re discussing?”
    “Afraid not. My master keeps matters of state to himself.”
    “As does mine.” Another sigh slipped passed the young man’s lips. “Makes sense, I suppose. They wouldn’t want to many people knowing the inner workings of the kingdom.”
    “A good strategy, in some aspects.”
    Looking at the knight upside down, back draped across one arm of the wooden throne, Shiro gave the young man a half smile. “If Father asks, you didn’t see me.” Stretching his arms as far as he could, a soft whine filling the air, the silverette lifted himself from the seat and meandered out of the room.
    “As you wish, majesty.”

Seven Kingdoms (a 'K' AU): Part 1
I haven't written anything in a while, but thought I'd give this AU idea I've had bouncing around my brain a shot. Based on the anime K, one of my new favorites. Still ironing out plot points and all that jazz. Also, I'm a bit please be nice Cx

Main pairing is Kuroh and Shiro, however other characters will be present. Also there will be quite a bit of bl in this fic, so be warned. If you don't like boyxboy don't read.

Characters belong to: GOHands

Next: (soon!)


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
My name is Melissa. I'm a writer and will on occasion do an edit/draw. My art sucks, but my writing is better.

I'm always willing to take ideas for new fics, so if you have anything you'd like to see me do just drop me a message. Or if you'd prefer we could always do a trade, you make the pic I write the story. Like me on Facebook for up to date info on my fics and some works I won't post on here.

If I'm not poking around Da you can find my on timblr (thesymmetricalalchemist.tumblr…).

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy my work. :XD:
I got three great prompts (well two and a nudge to do an idea I've had for a while).

Prompt #1. "Can I get a happy ending to TitLoD? Pwease!" I've wanted to do this since I posted Trouble in the Land of Death, but never got around to it. Since you asked you shall receive.

Prompt #2: "y not do that spn au idea?" This was from a close friend. I had the idea back in February but hate Supernatural AU. But if she wants it she'll get it.

Prompt #3 "Can I please have some...Death the Kid and Crona smut~? On the beach maybe": Never done a beach fic before, but I got a bunch of ideas bouncing around now. Ironing out some details but looking forward to tackling this one.

Going to start with the revamp of Land of Death then going to start the beach fic, then the highschool AU (it's going to be loooong)....once I get my computer back which should be tomorrow.

So...yea that's whats coming up.

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